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West Oxon

Area: West Oxon    Date: 5 March 2017


  • Barry is a lovely man, he lives alone and would like to increase his social circle. He is a keen walker and would like to join the local walking group. He is not confident to do this alone due to his medical condition. He is also interested in learning new cookery skills and would like someone to help him in this area too.



  • Linda lives in quite a remote village and would like to get out and maybe swim at a local pool, she would also like company of her own age (early 40’s) to socialise with as her main contact is with her elderly mother. She enjoys shopping and coffee and just getting out to different places.



  • John is an amazing character with such a positive attitude. He can no longer get out of his home as his mobility is very limited but he would love someone to go in and visit and play darts, board games or do quizzes.



  • Luke would like help with his computer. He used to be able to programme computers but due to his recent loss of short term memory he can no longer do it. He would really benefit from outside company as he gets very low living alone and if someone could teach him how to use his computer it would be another link to the outside community.



  • Mary has recently lost her sight and would like someone to go out and about with. She has always enjoyed the company of her friends and having a light hearted chat over coffee and cake. Since losing her sight Jacqueline has less confidence and doesn’t get out alone and would really like to redevelop her confidence to go out more.



  • Diane who has MS would love some support to learn how to shop on-line.  If you could spare an hour or two each week to show Arline the basics, it would make her life so much easier.



  • Do you love Bird-watching?  If so, James would love to spot birds and discuss with someone who shares his interest.



  • Suzanne who is visually impaired loves music and would very much enjoy sharing her love with someone who also enjoys music.  Is this you?



  • Cathy  had a stroke at a relative young age and has not now got the confidence to go out alone but would love to get out more if someone would be willing to accompany her and help her regain her confidence.  Could you be the person Cathy is looking for?


For more info, contact Lucy Bowler  07706 659 373