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South Oxon

Area: South Oxon    Date: 1 Aug 2017
  • This lady loves music and a lot of the arts and would love some company to enjoy them she lives in the Long Wittenham area.
  • This gentleman with MS speaks French and loves conversation. He would like some company to go out for a coffee or just to chat in general. Didcot area.
  • An elderly lady living in Thame would love some company. She is an excellent knitter and would love to meet somebody with a similar interest.
  •  Ray from Didcot enjoys cycling, discussing world wars, puzzles and anything to do with numbers.  If you share any of these interests and could spare an hour or two a week, please do contact us.
  • Adam, a young man from Didcot, would love to have company to enjoy social outings to the pub or to watch football.
  • Colin from Chalgrove enjoys practical hobbies such as woodworking or working on engines.  If you share these interests and have an hour spare a week, please get in touch.
  • Do you love art?  If so, Trevor from Wallingford would love to talk about art with you as he used to love drawing and painting but has not done any for a long time due to his disability.
  • If you live in Henley, could you support John to get out and about more than he does now?  He would love to be able to go out for coffee or for just a mooch about the town.

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